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Arenas ManagerClosing August 05, 2022
General Manager Closing August 19, 2022

Aquatics Department Employment Opportunities

Lifeguarding and teaching swimming are fun, exciting and rewarding careers!

It’s Important …

  • Your knowledge and skills can save a life.
  • Instructor/Guards are more than just good swimmers. They are water rescue professionals that prevent accidents and are trained in emergency response.
  • Being an Instructor/Guard is a fun, exciting and rewarding job. It is also a job that carries responsibility, which is why lifeguards take courses and train hard.
  • Instructor/Guards are provided ongoing training and support to ensure they are well prepared.

It’s challenging …

  • Doing the job well requires sound judgment and decision-making skills.
  • Interacting with and leading a wide variety of people at different ages and stages of life is a great experience for both the Instructor/Lifeguard and the participants.
  • Instructor/Guards must be focused and vigilant to be effective.

It’s Fun …

  • Work with a great team of people.
  • You will support others while they learn new skills that will promote a lifetime of fitness and good health through aquatic recreation, fitness and sport.