• Parking passes are for the rear arena parking lot only (MacLauchlan Arena Lot).
  • The CARI Complex is not responsible for losses or damages as a result of parking in our parking lots.
  • Persons choosing to park in areas designated as no parking, staff parking, reserved parking, blocking fire lanes, entrances, or otherwise parked illegally will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • The CARI Complex is not responsible for removing, moving or otherwise responding to complaints of vehicles that are impeded by other vehicles.
  • Lost parking cards must be immediately reported to our Control & Information Desk.  A replacement card will cost $10.00 per card.
  • Any persons in possession of a lost or stolen parking pass will be charged with possession of stolen property.
  • Parking passes are not transferable.  Use by any person, other than that of the registered customer will constitute grounds for immediate cancelation of the parking pass (without reimbursement).
  • The CARI Complex reserves the right to close parts of or all of a parking lot temporarily for maintenance or other reasons.
  • The CARI Complex reserves the right to open the gates of the parking lots periodically for events and functions.
  • The CARI Complex assumes no liability for closure of all or parts of the parking lot due to power outages or weather systems.  There will be no remuneration made for the time the parking lot was closed due to these types of incidents.
  • The CARI Complex reserves the right to refuse, suspend, or revoke parking privileges for anyone failing to comply with the above outlined parking regulations.


The Bell Aliant Centre has two parking lots located adjacent to the facility.
Please refer to the map below for “MacLauchlan Arena” and “Aquatics Facility” for locations: 



Parking is free for all pool and arena users in each facilities designated lot. Tokens are required to exit the parking lots and can be obtained at the Control & Information Desk by the pool. UPEI Fitness Centre community users are permitted to park in the MacLauchlan Arena parking lot ONLY, a valid membership is required to obtain a token.


The Bell Aliant Centre sells parking passes for the MacLauchlan Arena parking lot only. Passes are available to all UPEI staff, students and faculty for Fall & Winter semesters or both. The following rates apply:

*prices include 15% HST1 SemesterFull Year
Student (Full or Part time)$84.50$136.50
Staff / Faculty$116$203

Please read and understand our parking pass terms of use by clicking HERE


Anyone not utilizing the Bell Aliant Centre or who does not have a valid parking pass will need to obtain a token from the Control & Information Desk by the pool for $9.50 or pay in coin at the respective exit gate.

Non-Bell Aliant Centre Event Parking

The following parking procedure does not apply to any events or programs provided by, or in partnership, with the Bell Aliant Centre.

Events that are not hosted by, or in partnership, with the Bell Aliant Centre are subject to pay-per-use parking when requesting to use the parking lots owned and operated by the Bell Aliant Centre. Parking will be provided to event hosts under the following conditions:
• Communication is received at least one week prior to the event;
• By providing parking to the event host, it will not disrupt usage of Bell Aliant Centre visitors, tenants or facility users; and
• The event host acknowledges that parking is provided on a pay-per-use model in accordance with the Bell Aliant Centre’s Pay-Per-Use Policy.

1. Event Host will contact the Assistant Aquatics Director or designate at [902]569-4104 or You will need to complete & sign the Event Parking Request form.
2. The Event Host will be provided with vouchers to give event attendees that are redeemable at the Control & Information Desk for a parking token for the MacLauchlan Arena Parking Lot. Vouchers are only valid for the duration of the event.
3. The Event Host will be invoiced based on the number of vouchers redeemed at the Control & Information Desk at the end of the event.